The thing from Blackwell Wood

(All unauthorised info has been redacted)

The following is a transcript of a recording found in Blackwell Woods. Upon completion of this transcript, the recording will be destroyed as per our orders. I am leaking this story because this needs to be heard by anyone living in REDACTED. You’ll understand why.

*Tape begin*

*A man recites his lines for a few seconds before complaining about the audio not working presumably*

(Jack) “Alright I got it working”

*Jack walks in front of the camera*

(Paul) “*Under breath* Took long enough”

(Paul) “Hello and welcome to ‘Paranormal Investigators’! I’m Paul REDACTED and this is my brother Jack,”

(Jack) “Hello!”

(Paul) “And we’re here to investigate the legend of Blackwell Wood. Now for those who don’t know, the trees in the centre of this specific wood, known for it’s unusually black trees, in REDACTED are said to sometimes whisper at midnight and people have disappeared never to be seen again. Now-“

(Jack) “Now I’d like to say that-“

(Paul) “Dude why the fuck are you going off script?”

(Jack) “I thought they needed to know about the bar owner.”

(Paul) “I was getting to that, just stick to the script!”

*Paul repeats his previous lines from start to “again”*

(Paul) “Now these supernatural events have never been caught on tape until, right, now. It’s currently 11:35 so we are gonna hike to the centre of the woods and see what we can catch on film. Cut!”

(Jack) “You didn’t say about the bar owner.”

(Paul) “They don’t need to know alright?”

(Jack) “They need to about the thing that lives there!”

(Paul) “Alright whatever I’ll add it post now let’s get hiking, we need to get this on camera.”

*They walk through the wood for twenty minutes discussing this bartender they met. She apparently told them that an ancient monster lives in this woods that preys on people at midnight. We talked to this woman after being assigned and she denied all accusations of this, even after being shown footage of the men mentioning her*

*Jack sets up the camera and steps in front next to Paul*

(Paul) “Alright we are here in the centre of the woods and it is currently 11:55 so we’re going to wait here and see what happens”

*The two sit in some camping chairs for five minutes*

*Jack starts to focus on something off screen*

(Jack) “*Whispers* What the fuck…?”

(Paul) “What? *He looks over* Holy shit.”

*He points the camera at a tree which is leaking a black liquid*

(Paul) “What the fuck is it?”

*Paul scrapes some off with a stick and sniffs it*

(Paul) “It smells like, blood…”

*While this is happening, two other trees have started bleeding*

(Jack) “B-Blood?! Alright fuck this!”

*Jack grabs the camera and tripod and starts walking away*

(Paul) “Wha- wait where you going?”

*Jack stops and turns around*

(Jack) “I’m leaving bro! This shit isn’t worth it!”

(Paul) “Come on man! Don’t you wanna be the person to prove the existence of the supernatural!”

*Unintelligible whispers*

(Jack) “Wait, wait, wait, shut the fuck up! Do you hear that?”

(???) “You can’t leave, you can’t leave,…”

(Paul) “*Visibly shaken* You can’t leave…”

(Jack) “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

(Paul) “Hey snap out of it man! Let’s just fucking go!”

*Distant screeching*

(Jack) “What the hell was that…?”

(???) “Don’t say we didn’t warn you”

(Paul) “Warn us? What do you-?”

*Jack screams and drops the camera*

(Paul) “*Screaming* WHAT THE FUCK!”

*Paul is mauled by a grey creature with three legs, two front claws and three arms protruding from it’s hunched over back. It is noticeably pale and wrinkled.*

(???) “*Giggles*”

*This creature uses it’s front claws to dig a small hole and pushes the bodies of Paul and Jack into it, burying the two men. It then puts it’s three arms on the bloody tree cuts, it grows less pale and it’s wrinkles vanish. A tree then spurts from the two men’s grave and grows to about seven foot tall. The creature moves back and steps on the camera, shoving it into the ground.*

*Tape end*

The REDACTED police department issued a missing person report and my team was sent to find them. After finding the tape, we showed it to the chief who passed it on to an FBI agent. We were dismissed and the official report is that Paul and Jack are still missing, but this is big, bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. I just hope that they don’t find, and that they don’t know who I am. If anyone reads this, tell everyone you know, everyone you meet. Stay away from Blackwell.

—Published from Knowle, England—